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Cosmo: The Credentials of a Cougar

Exhibition Summary

You never know who you might see in the gallery. Come and visit us!

Cosmo: The Credentials of a Cougar is a photo exhibition that features the university’s mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, exemplifying the Aims of a BYU Education.

The exhibition features many of the talents and daily happenings of this famous feline while showing the significance that the Aims of a BYU Education have had and continue to have on all BYU students.

Displayed at the base of the spiral staircase in the Joseph F. Smith Building (west of the library), the exhibition runs through July 31, 2013.



  • Heather Seferovich, exhibition curator, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Marie Bates, curatorial research assistant, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Dan Shirley, designer and photographer, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Scott Duvall, associate university librarian, Lee Library and advisory committee chair, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Cali O’Connell, promotions and outreach department, Lee Library and advisory committee member, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Team Cosmo
  • BYU Photo
  • Mark A. Philbrick, BYU Photographer
  • Jaren Wilkey, BYU Photographer
  • Kenny Crookston, BYU Photographer
  • Jonathan Hardy, BYU Photographer
  • Ryan Faulkner, BYU Photographer
  • Roger Layton, photographer
  • Jack Layton, photographer



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