Education in Zion, Permanent Exhibit


From the revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith to the contemporary worldwide educational program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the exhibition tells the story of the important role of education in the Church. Education in Zion is divided into five sections. The themes in these areas explore a Zion tradition in which truth is shared freely so that every person might learn and grow and, in turn, strengthen others.

Map of Education in Zion Permanant Exhibition

The Light of Christ as the Central Foundation for Educating the Soul

Ascent of Church Education Elevating Souls by Building Up a Zion People

From Academy to University BYU's Founding Vision and Its Educational Pioneers (1875-1950)

  1. Charting the Church's Educational Course
  2. By Extraordinary Diligence and Sacrifice: Building A True University
  3. Pioneers of Our Higher Education Tradition

Staying True to the Church's Charted Course Protecting and Promoting True Academic Freedom

  1. To Embrace All Truth
  2. Liberating Gifts of Knowledge
  3. A Certain Fire that Must Be Kept Burning

The Glorious Dream of Zion A World Made More Heavenly by Educating the Soul

Putting In Place the Priesthood Foundation The Early Years of the Restoration (1830-1882)

  1. Joseph Smith, God's Student
  2. Kirtland, the Missouri Settlements, and Nauvoo
  3. Emigrating Westward and Organizing to Help Every Member Learn and Grow

Developing the Church Educational System Founding of Academies, Seminaries, and Institutes (1875-1950)

  1. The Academies Era
  2. The Rise of Seminaries and Institutes

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