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One Saturday I was standing in the student section, cheering on the Cougar basketball team, when a flood of school pride came over me.  Our team is having an awesome season.  Then thoughts came streaming through my head about how we are so fortunate to have such nationally esteemed teams, programs, faculty, and opportunities. Read more

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“Häpnadsväckande!” exclaimed Natascha Von Benzon Hollesen, a former mission companion of mine from Sweden,  as she walked through Education in Zion with me and four other Swedish beauties.  For all five of them, a glimpse of the Brigham Young University campus they had only seen pictures of their whole lives took priority on their recent two-week stay in the United States.   Contemplating the many advantages we “Provo-ites” enjoy while obtaining an education here, “amazing” quickly became the operative word of the hour. Read more

During the late 1800s a growing number of states in the United States were demanding tax-supported public education for their children. As a result, state governments began taking over schools established in religious communities and eventually prohibited them from teaching religion.

Brigham Young knew the Latter-day Saints would not be shielded from the secular storm coming in from the East, and quietly began setting aside property and resources to be used for schools that would be separate from the state – Church Academies. Read more

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