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Inspiration from the Past

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I’ve been working at the Education in Zion Gallery for almost three months and I can barely believe it’s been that long. One reason I feel so at  home here is because of the people.  The staff are knowledgeable and always willing to help. But it is not only the people who work here who have welcomed me, but also the people in the gallery who I get to learn about every day: their stories and examples have shaped me into a new person with a new perspective.

I knew about some of the people mentioned in the labels before I started working in the gallery, but I didn’t understand who they were. For example, I knew Brigham Young was the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He led the Saints west and started Brigham Young Academy (known now as Brigham Young University). But now after learning more about him, he has become one of my heroes! Coming from a poor family and receiving only 11 days of formal education, he was inspired by Joseph Smith’s teaching of eternal progression and became a man who sought education wherever he could. Brigham Young not only encouraged the Saints to seek learning, but he was also a living example of actively seeking and doing. He “became a student of theology, literature, architecture, theater, science, business, gymnastics, agriculture, and everything else that could help him elevate himself or anyone around him.” He stated,

“I shall not cease learning while I live, nor when I arrive in the

spirit-world[,]… and when I again receive my body, I shall … still

continue my researches.” [1]
Brigham Young is one of many people who have inspired me! Some others are J. Wyley Sessions, Brigham Thomas Higgs, Karl G. Maesar; the list goes on.

Visit the gallery to see how these people’s lives are more than just nice stories—they are examples from which to learn and to move forward with their faith and strength, edifying us along the way.

Rebecca Soelberg, Gallery Educator

[1] Quoted in Susan Gates, The Life Story of Brigham Young (New York: Macmillan, 1930), 283.

LDS Women and Equal Rights

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I am currently taking a class where we discuss women and their place in social and political spheres. Primarily we discuss feminist theory in France but oft times we discuss Anglo-American ideals of feminism in comparison or contrast.

 American women were ahead of French women in fighting for their right to vote. On July 19-20, 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, women gathered to debate of the significance for the allowance for women to receive the right to vote.

Courtesy of mormonwomenhistory.org

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The middle of the semester is especially difficult. All those due dates for assignments that you thought were so far away are now in your face; those few lectures that you missed ended up being really important; and the five pages of reading that you postponed has now multiplied into 500 pages. It’s at this moment that you wonder, Why am I doing this? What will I gain? Read more

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