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A few weeks ago my nephew, who is three, called me and asked me if I would come play with him and his younger brother. I was swamped with class work and a busy schedule but decided I could spare an hour.

We went on a hike up a steep hill that was slippery from snow and had trees and other woodland obstacles. My older nephew was able to make it up the hill more or less by himself, while my younger nephew required my help. So we hiked the hill hand in hand and followed the trail blazed by his older brother.

As I helped my younger nephew and called out for the older one to wait for us, or to be careful, I found myself in an allegory. The times we learn most in this life are often the ones that are most challenging. My young nephew came to a branch in the pathway and looked at me for help, but I told him he could do it. He tried and with some intense two-year-old effort, he made it. Heavenly Father is always there to help us, but often lets us try it ourselves: He wants us to realize what we are capable of.

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Pressing On


As the end of the semester is nearing, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the long “to do” lists we all have. Studying, cleaning checks, studying some more, final projects, switching apartments, getting in those last minute hours at your internship, figuring out what your summer plans are, etc. The list never ends!

On a particular stressful day with a very long list of things to accomplish, I was walking through the exhibit and began to read about Susa Young Gate’s life. The first line of her display says “Susa Young Gates was a prolific writer, adept educator, advocate for Women’s rights, leader in the LDS Church, early organizer of the Church’s genealogy program, and mother of thirteen.” Read more

Flump! I throw myself on the bed.  One midterm and two essays down. Glancing at my alarm clock, I start to calculate: 5 hours till I wake up. My nose peaks over the edge of the bed. It’s sitting there staring at me from the top of a pile of books. I’ll skip-just for tonight. I turn off the lights: I’ll read tomorrow night. A minute slips by. I guess I could read it tomorrow during dinner. Ten minutes slip by.  I could even read it tomorrow at lunch. Twenty minutes slip by. I could always read it at breakfast. Thirty minutes slip by. Or I could just read it now! I reach to the side of my bed to grab the Book of Mormon.

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Many LDS Church members have grown up participating in Family Home Evening (FHE).  Then again, many members have not.  It is not uncommon to find some disinterested about this practice, especially among BYU students who are placed in Family Home Evening “groups” – implemented by the Church since many students are in that in-between phase where they no longer live at home but have yet to start families of their own.

It’s quite easy – even expected – for us to question the need for something when we don’t fully understand the reason why it was created in the first place.  In a small, unobtrusive space in Education in Zion, the history of Family Home Evening is told.

First Presidency, 1915

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Do you remember when you were in grade school, and the teachers announced an upcoming field trip? It didn’t matter if you were going to a giant office building, or a farm, it was just exciting to know that you were going to do something out of the ordinary. Family Home Evening (FHE) is our weekly opportunity to grow closer to our family, our ward, and the Lord. With such an occasion to grow and learn together, why not venture out and make that experience something different and exciting?

As a former kid, and a current gallery educator at Education in Zion (EIZ), I can tell you from personal experience that the best place to be for FHE is EIZ.

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