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A few weeks ago my nephew, who is three, called me and asked me if I would come play with him and his younger brother. I was swamped with class work and a busy schedule but decided I could spare an hour.

We went on a hike up a steep hill that was slippery from snow and had trees and other woodland obstacles. My older nephew was able to make it up the hill more or less by himself, while my younger nephew required my help. So we hiked the hill hand in hand and followed the trail blazed by his older brother.

As I helped my younger nephew and called out for the older one to wait for us, or to be careful, I found myself in an allegory. The times we learn most in this life are often the ones that are most challenging. My young nephew came to a branch in the pathway and looked at me for help, but I told him he could do it. He tried and with some intense two-year-old effort, he made it. Heavenly Father is always there to help us, but often lets us try it ourselves: He wants us to realize what we are capable of.

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Upon being accepted into BYU, I made plans to make the journey by car all the way from North Carolina, to Provo. The 2,200 mile trip would pan out to take about 35 hours and would require that I drive through the night and day to complete the trip within 3 days. Although I dreaded the drive, I accepted this fate and bore through it the best I could.


I recall driving through areas in Nebraska and Wyoming where the only adjustments I made in the car were not in the steering wheel, but in my seat to lay back. The flat and open road soon began to bore me, and I began to complain about my situation.

“Why couldn’t my parents just have flown me out to Utah?” In my bitterness and complaining, I remember that I stared out of the window only to see the open plains that lie ahead of me.

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Pressing On


As the end of the semester is nearing, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the long “to do” lists we all have. Studying, cleaning checks, studying some more, final projects, switching apartments, getting in those last minute hours at your internship, figuring out what your summer plans are, etc. The list never ends!

On a particular stressful day with a very long list of things to accomplish, I was walking through the exhibit and began to read about Susa Young Gate’s life. The first line of her display says “Susa Young Gates was a prolific writer, adept educator, advocate for Women’s rights, leader in the LDS Church, early organizer of the Church’s genealogy program, and mother of thirteen.” Read more

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Some nights you just cannot wait to go to bed. What is better than waking up to a nice frozen floor, leaving the warmth of your covers, to get ready to walk out into the frozen tundra of Provo’s winter wonderland? I’m sure that we all could think of things that we would rather be doing, yet the weather has never discouraged the Saints, past or present, from achieving the goals that they have set for themselves. Read more

Cereal, cup of noodles, macaroni and cheese – that’s the checklist I recite to myself as I put on my boots, gloves, hat, scarf, and coat to go to the grocery store.  Despite being bundled up I still freeze when I have to make the hundred foot dash from the car to the sliding doors.

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A long time ago, in 1912, there was another girl at BYU. But she was even colder than I am. She came to Provo as a refugee of the Mexican Revolution. She didn’t have boots, gloves, hats, scarves, or even a coat. She too had a checklist of the food she could afford to eat daily: boiled wheat flakes, mashed potatoes, bread and milk.  Her name was Camilla Eyring Kimball. Although we may now her best for the wife of the beloved Prophet Spencer W Kimball, her life wasn’t always so ideal sounding. Read more

Wherever You’re From

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Are you a transfer student this year?  If you are, you’re in good company.  Many students at BYU come from other colleges near and far to complete their educations, adding variety to the campus culture with their valuable experiences and knowledge.  Each of them brings a new idea, a new skill, or just a new outlook on life that blesses all those with whom they come in contact amid the activities of our buzzing college town.

Take a look at this transfer student: Susa Young Gates. Read more

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There have been many times throughout my three years at BYU that I have felt discouraged about my major. It was during those times of not doing well on a test, not understanding the material, and never having enough time in the day to spend on my classes that always made me wonder:  Why am I here? Is this really what I want to be doing? Should I attend a different college that could be less rigorous? Should I find an easier major? Read more