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Some nights you just cannot wait to go to bed. What is better than waking up to a nice frozen floor, leaving the warmth of your covers, to get ready to walk out into the frozen tundra of Provo’s winter wonderland? I’m sure that we all could think of things that we would rather be doing, yet the weather has never discouraged the Saints, past or present, from achieving the goals that they have set for themselves. Read more

School of the Prophets

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As the newly-formed Latter-day Saints strove to learn more about themselves as new members of the church, they sought to learn more about their God. As a young prophet still learning, Joseph Smith decided it would be beneficial to invite other brethren to join him in learning about the Gospel so they could lift and teach one another. Read more

General Education classes can be very difficult to take, especially when it’s Bio 100 at 8am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m a Theater Major. I’m not good at biology. Not to say that all theater students suffer from a lack of scientific synapses, but my brain wasn’t wired to understand it. I only passed high school biology because my teacher gave extra credit if we brought into class an animal to dissect. My mother found a dead raccoon. I took it to school in a garbage bag. So when my 8am Bio 100 class loomed ahead of me, I looked forward to it with some apprehension.

At the beginning of the semester I was determined to succeed in the class. I woke up every day at 6am, got to class by 7:55am and took the seat with the best view of the screen. I started to get excited about biology. But after the first two tests, I felt miserable. I’d failed them despite my best efforts. My excitement turned to cynicism. I slept in until seven and wouldn’t arrive to class until it was halfway over.

Then one day I was assigned to give a tour here at Education in Zion. Read more

Two sweeping murals grace the walls of Education in Zion. On the south wall rises a mural entitled, The Temple, a Holy School, and directly facing it on the north end is a mural entitled, The School, a Temple of Learning. The south one depicts the first LDS temple in Kirtland, Ohio, while the other highlights the Brigham Young Academy Building and the Karl G. Maeser Building (the first structure on BYU’s present-day campus).

When seen together, these two murals of the temple and the school encapsulate the purpose of learning for Church members. For Latter-day Saints, learning is a holy and eternal endeavor. Read more