Tag: "Peace"

A few weeks ago my nephew, who is three, called me and asked me if I would come play with him and his younger brother. I was swamped with class work and a busy schedule but decided I could spare an hour.

We went on a hike up a steep hill that was slippery from snow and had trees and other woodland obstacles. My older nephew was able to make it up the hill more or less by himself, while my younger nephew required my help. So we hiked the hill hand in hand and followed the trail blazed by his older brother.

As I helped my younger nephew and called out for the older one to wait for us, or to be careful, I found myself in an allegory. The times we learn most in this life are often the ones that are most challenging. My young nephew came to a branch in the pathway and looked at me for help, but I told him he could do it. He tried and with some intense two-year-old effort, he made it. Heavenly Father is always there to help us, but often lets us try it ourselves: He wants us to realize what we are capable of.

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I love working in the Education in Zion Gallery because it is unlike any other space on campus.  I am privileged to enjoy the peaceful quiet beauty of the gallery almost every day.  But what is it that makes this space so peaceful?

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