September, 3, 2010

A Refuge

Bumping shoulders, pushing through crowds, swiping credit cards, and spending a fortune—that sums up my morning at the Bookstore. I’m sure you can imagine the horror on my face when my cheapest book, which I expected to be a three-dollar packet, was really a $30 packet.  Pocketing my credit card to protect it from further abuse, I made my way in frenzy towards the exit, but was thwarted in my efforts by hordes of students.

My backpack sunk into my shoulders. Frustration clouded my mind.  Struggling to keep calm, I made my way towards the library to study—an idea I gave up as soon as I saw the line to enter the doors. I diverted my course towards the JFSB. If I couldn’t study, I’d go to work early.

As I walked up the staircase to Education in Zion the noises of campus literally faded away. Students moved between the murals and displays with reverence.  My eyes fell upon the statue of Christ and peace came to me.

Sometimes college life can be swarming with people, homework, bills, expensive textbooks, and jeans that just don’t fit right that day. I love being in school, but it can be stressful.  As I looked at that statue I remembered who I am, why I’m here, and the love that my Father and Savior have for me. Refocused and rejuvenated, I decided to turn back to my studies.

—Anna Silver, Theater Education Major and Education in Zion Gallery Educator