September, 20, 2010

A Unique Education

At Education in Zion, part of my job as a gallery educator is to share with freshmen and other incoming students the unique education they are about to receive as they embark upon their studies at BYU.

During New Student Orientation (NSO), we eight gallery educators talk about certain aspects of gaining an education while the students rotate from each educator stationed throughout the gallery. It was during this past fall NSO that I focused on the importance of learning with the Spirit and pursuing an education with sincere enthusiasm. This was a great opportunity for me to reflect upon my own education. Do I pursue knowledge vigorously? Do I seek the Spirit while reading my art history textbooks?

It was while I was speaking to yet another Y-Group of freshmen that I had the impression to discuss a more particular aspect of a BYU education with these students. I bore my testimony to them of the singularity of their BYU education. Where else can we study the Book of Mormon from scholars who study divine scripture as their profession? Where else can we study the Bible with professors who understand modern day revelation? Where else do you pray in Biology? What a unique education!

I had never felt so passionately about my own BYU education than while I was speaking to these few freshmen. My own education should be valued far above the price of rubies. It is eternally my own. What a wonderful opportunity it is to attend a university where all truths, secular and spiritual, are harmonized together!

Breezy Diether, Art History Major and Gallery Educator