September, 29, 2010

Family Home Evening

Do you remember when you were in grade school, and the teachers announced an upcoming field trip? It didn’t matter if you were going to a giant office building, or a farm, it was just exciting to know that you were going to do something out of the ordinary. Family Home Evening (FHE) is our weekly opportunity to grow closer to our family, our ward, and the Lord. With such an occasion to grow and learn together, why not venture out and make that experience something different and exciting?

As a former kid, and a current gallery educator at Education in Zion (EIZ), I can tell you from personal experience that the best place to be for FHE is EIZ.

Education in Zion is now open from 10am to 9pm on Mondays. This gives you, your families, and your FHE groups the opportunity to experience much of what the gallery has to offer. Each Monday evening, there are two great gallery educators who are more than ready and willing to give tours, answer questions, and provide helpful insights so that your FHE groups get to enjoy the full EIZ experience. We also offer special programs with costumed storytellers on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings of each month. We hope that you will leave EIZ with a greater appreciation for the Church, its educational system, and your own personal worth as a son or daughter of God, which is worth much more than money. Come make Education in Zion the place to be for your Family Home Evening.

– Ben Simmons, Psychology Major and Education in Zion Student Gallery Educator