October, 13, 2010

Florence Jepperson Madsen

“Singing is a part of the gospel. We need to sing. Our voice is from God.” Florence Jepperson Madsen

Florence Jepperson Madsen was a woman who selflessly used her talents to promote the education of her community and had an influence of good throughout her life.

Florence was born in 1886, and she began to learn one musical instrument after another. By age thirteen, she became a soloist performing regularly at the Provo Tabernacle.  She continued to pursue a musical education at Brigham Young University and then went on to perform in the east, where she was lauded as “one of the greatest singers in the country.”

After some years of success as a singer, Florence was asked by BYU to move back to Provo to build BYU’s music program as the chair of the music department.  Along with her husband, Franklin Madsen, she led many musical programs and helped teach many other young men and women the power and influence of music.

As a Relief Society General Board member, Florence organized over two thousand choral groups of “Singing Mothers” across the United States and Great Britain. These groups performed in general conference and various other public venues. In a letter to J. Reuben Clark, Florence wrote, “Much good resulted. Husbands, not members of the Church, have been converted; family ties more closely woven; and their testimonies more deeply rooted.”

Florence Jepperson Madsen could have led a life full of success and fame. Instead, she chose to use her talents to better those around her. She used her talents to educate the next generation.