October, 20, 2010

Lucky to be a Provo-ite

“Häpnadsväckande!” exclaimed Natascha Von Benzon Hollesen, a former mission companion of mine from Sweden,  as she walked through Education in Zion with me and four other Swedish beauties.  For all five of them, a glimpse of the Brigham Young University campus they had only seen pictures of their whole lives took priority on their recent two-week stay in the United States.   Contemplating the many advantages we “Provo-ites” enjoy while obtaining an education here, “amazing” quickly became the operative word of the hour.

Stopping at James E. Talmage’s draft of one of the first school schedules for classes offered here, one of the girls was quick to point out how amazing it was that every week since the beginning of Brigham Young Academy, we have enjoyed a school-wide spiritual feast called Devotional.  Only an hour earlier, they had attended the event themselves in the Marriot Center, astonished at the thousands of enthused students pouring in on their break from secular study.

Eagerly attending the Provo temple every morning and excitedly skipping off to humble little apartment parties with me every night, these Swedish girls have given me a fresh new perspective on “Happy Valley” this week. I should rejoice at having thousands of valiant, church-going young people to associate with! I should be grateful for the fact that I can see the temple from the window of my on-campus job!  Most importantly, though, I should remember how amazing it is that I can be spiritually uplifted as I obtain my education in this little college town called Provo.

Are you a Provo-ite too?  Consider yourself lucky today!

– Karen McKay, BFA Major, Education in Zion Gallery Educator