December, 6, 2010


Whenever I introduce the gallery at the beginning of a tour I ask visitors what they notice about this space.  They often comment on the view of campus and the Y, the warm colors of the walls and furniture, and the openness of the gallery.  The most important element I like to point out, however, is the light streaming through the windows.

During the day, the gallery is illuminated.  It is quite possibly the warmest and brightest space on campus.  This warmth and light, I explain, represents the invitation for all to come to Christ.

Education in Zion has a message for all who come: through education, both spiritual and secular, we can each grow closer to Him.  Through my work at Education in Zion, I’ve found that it’s about getting people in here to experience the same spirit I feel here each day while I work.  It’s about sharing the invitation to come unto Christ and helping students, professors, and members of our community feel His presence in our lives through education.

Heavenly Father loves each of us immeasurably.  By sharing this message with others we are pleasing Him, and showing our gratitude to Him.

Now whenever I tell someone where I work I invite them to come see for themselves. I extend this invitation with the hope that they too will feel the same illuminating warmth that I have come to feel.

–    Danielle Julander, English Major, Education In Zion Gallery Educator