January, 5, 2011

Wherever You’re From

Are you a transfer student this year?  If you are, you’re in good company.  Many students at BYU come from other colleges near and far to complete their educations, adding variety to the campus culture with their valuable experiences and knowledge.  Each of them brings a new idea, a new skill, or just a new outlook on life that blesses all those with whom they come in contact amid the activities of our buzzing college town.

Take a look at this transfer student: Susa Young Gates. She was born in 1856, attended the University of Deseret and then got married and had two children. Sadly, her marriage ended in divorce, but, because of the motto she was fond of saying, “keep busy in the face of discouragement,” she wasted no time in returning to school at Brigham Young Academy and began conducting a choir on campus. While still a student, she even founded the School of Music that still flourishes today.

Thank goodness for Susa and others who mustered the strength to resume their education in a new place. Indeed, transfer students of old and at present contribute fresh ideas and perspectives on life that can only come from the outside experiences they’ve had.

So if you’re one of those who has felt unsure of your place here in BYU’s sea of bright students, consider all the wonderful things you’ve brought with you, think of ways you can share them, and just know that, wherever you’re from, we need you here.

– Karen McKay, BFA Major, Education in Zion Gallery Educator