January, 31, 2011

A Heritage of Success

One Saturday I was standing in the student section, cheering on the Cougar basketball team, when a flood of school pride came over me.  Our team is having an awesome season.  Then thoughts came streaming through my head about how we are so fortunate to have such nationally esteemed teams, programs, faculty, and opportunities. I was then reminded of the incredible internship opportunity that I was able to have abroad.

BYU has really grown since 1875. In the last 116 years we have become a well-known and fully accredited university. The humble beginnings of Brigham Young Academy began in one small building and have eventually grown into the enormous campus it is today..  Students can study anything from graphic design to civil engineering and Hebrew.

At the Education in Zion Gallery there is a room that we call the ‘Academies Room’ where it displays images of and tells stories of the beginnings of the Church’s academies. Along one of the walls of this room hang photographs of from the Church’s academies, including Brigham Young Academy, and these images depict the many different educational opportunities that the early students had.

It is my favorite wall to look at. I love the pictures of BYA’s athletic teams. It shows: women’s PE, men’s tumbling and gym, football and men’s basketball. The 1902 men’s basketball team’s long-striped socks and heavy cotton uniforms are very different than the uniforms worn by our basketball team today in the Marriott Center.

The education that BYA and now BYU offers has helped countless students  find success in their spiritual, financial, physical, social, and academic lives.  Many sacrifices were made so that I, a young art history student, could stand in a packed sporting arena cheering on my peers, or even humbly sit while listening to one of the twelve Apostles at a CES fireside. I am reminded of such blessings every time I set foot in the gallery and wander into the ‘Academies Room.’

– Brittany Dahlin, Education in Zion Gallery Educator, Art History Major