February, 3, 2011

God’s Gift of Music

Starting in 3rd grade my parents had me take piano lessons. I thought it was cool, but by 7th grade my attention was more on the Celtics and Harry Potter than practicing weekly the classical pieces my teacher loved to assign me.

While in high school I repented for having neglected my musical talents and learned some bass guitar and piano skills playing in bands with my friends. Since that time I have learned more about music theory, picked up guitar and enhanced my piano skills. Songwriting is a way that I use to express myself and try and make something that evokes emotion.

Music is one of the gifts I am most grateful that God has given us on this earth.

I recently started working at Education in Zion and I work Fridays during a program called Music Fridays. The past two weeks have been phenomenal. There is a plethora of talented musicians at BYU. It’s amazing to think about the amount of time in their lives they have dedicated to honing their talents.

Whether it is the classically trained guitarist or the cellist, music has such a power to move and affect us. Most people would not enjoy the prospect of working on a Friday, but I’m coming to really enjoy and be excited for the opportunity to listen to these talented musicians . . . for free!

If you haven’t been in the gallery on a Friday at noon, I highly recommend that you shake off the dust of the Friday sleep-in and classes and make your way over to the JFSB. Many students come to enjoy the talents and skills of these musicians.

God has given us music to feel the Spirit, bring us joy, help us express our pains and sorrow and ultimately praise Him.

Music Fridays at Education in Zion are fantastic. Come and see.

– Dan Shirley, Industrial Design Major and Education in Zion Gallery Educator