March, 30, 2011

Pressing On

As the end of the semester is nearing, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the long “to do” lists we all have. Studying, cleaning checks, studying some more, final projects, switching apartments, getting in those last minute hours at your internship, figuring out what your summer plans are, etc. The list never ends!

On a particular stressful day with a very long list of things to accomplish, I was walking through the exhibit and began to read about Susa Young Gate’s life. The first line of her display says “Susa Young Gates was a prolific writer, adept educator, advocate for Women’s rights, leader in the LDS Church, early organizer of the Church’s genealogy program, and mother of thirteen.”

My first thought was “I think she had a much longer to do list than I’ve ever had!” I began to read on about all the accomplishments she made throughout her life despite the many trials she frequently faced. Her influence was spread all around her, changing the lives of everyone she came in contact with.

Reading about Susa really inspired me to press on even when life gets busy or overwhelming. Her story has helped me appreciate the difficulties and stressful things in life that we are all often faced with. I’m sure there were times that Susa felt she had too much on her plate, or that a task was just too difficult to endure. Fortunately she never gave up and went on to influence so many lives, especially in education.

I encourage anyone who is having a busy and stressful day to come read a story in our gallery like Susa Young Gate’s life story. I promise you will not regret it!

– Stephanie Adams, Math Education Major and Education in Zion Gallery Educator