June, 8, 2011

Eliza Perseveres

Having joined her new faith merely a few years previous, Eliza R. Snow joined many of the Saints who were forced to leave Daviess County, Missouri, in the dead of winter.  Although difficulties were tremendous, Eliza, aided by her faith and her spirited demeanor, was able to persevere. She recalls the experience of leaving Daviess County in “Sketch of My Life.”

“The Governor gave us ten days’ notice to prepare and leave Daviess County, and in the meantime, subservient to his order a posse of Militia was to remain in the vicinity, ostensibly to protect the Saints; but we could not decide which was most to be dreaded, the Militia or the mob-no property was safe within the reach of either.

“It was December and very cold when we left our home, and, after assisting in the morning arrangements for the journey, in order to warm my aching feet, I started on foot  and walked until the teams came up.

“When about two miles out I met one of the so-called Militia, who accosted me with, ‘Well, I think this will cure you of your faith,’ Looking him squarely in the eye, I replied, ‘No, Sir, it will take more than this to cure me of my faith,’ His countenance dropped and he responded, ‘I must confess you are a better soldier than I am.’”

Eliza R. Snow went on to writing hundreds of poems and songs. She also helped organize Church programs such as the Relief Society, the Young Ladies’ Retrenchment Association, and the Primary organization for children.