March, 28, 2012

A Gallery of Stories

No ancient mummified kings; no dinosaur bones; no rare or expensive paintings. Rather than a museum of artifacts, this gallery holds something of perhaps even greater value: this is a museum of stories.

The Education in Zion Gallery is all about educating the entire soul—body, mind, and spirit—and the history of that endeavor since the restoration of Christ’s church to the earth.

Education comes not only by burying yourself in books, but most especially by experience. This gallery is a treasure trove of people’s life experiences: from those of Joseph Smith and the early Saints, to the pioneers of Brigham Young Academy, and even students and professors alike up to the present day.

As I look around, it is like walking through a giant book or journal. As I read the stories from those of the past, I can learn from their experiences and apply them to my own life and the education of my own soul.

The gallery’s eastern wall of windows, for me, is just as much a part of the exhibit as anything else: it allows me to look out at the living stories of hundreds of students continuing the tradition of educating their souls.

Jalena Reschke, Gallery Educator