May, 31, 2012

Students Create the BYU Culture


Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are often exposed to culture through missionary work. After a couple of years of service abroad those lands once foreign to them become home. Early Saints also gained an appreciation for different cultures when they arrived from overseas to spread the gospel. Some of them even facilitated the translation of the Book of Mormon into other languages spoken in those lands.

Culture is all I’ve been thinking about as I prepare to leave for my study abroad experience this week. While I am one of the few ethnic minorities in the group, I am impressed with the various cultural experiences of my study-abroad-mates.

Indeed, BYU may not be the most ethnically diverse university, but many students have had unique oversea experiences. Whether those experiences were gained from an LDS mission, a student exchange program, an internship, or a family vacation, their experiences contribute to the BYU culture.

This culture is also manifested in the university’s mission: to educate students to become responsible citizens in the world so they may serve others around them with the skills and talents they’ve developed from school. As we learn from one another and incorporate those experiences into learning of our own, we become living examples of BYU’s mission and followers of Christ.


Lucy Lu, Gallery Educator