June, 13, 2012

My Temple on Campus

While doing “the rounds” late one evening to check the gallery and make sure all was in order, I encountered a student sitting in a chair facing the wall of windows in the center of the gallery. It’s not uncommon for students to sit here, but typically they study when they do so.

This young man, however, just sat staring contemplatively out the window. I recognized him from one of my classes, so I said hello and asked what he was doing. Waiting for someone perhaps?

Student in the Education in Zion Gallery

“No. Just sitting here thinking. Pondering. I love this gallery,” he said.  “It’s my temple here on campus.”

This statement really hit me; and the more I thought about it, the more I agreed with him. The Education in Zion Gallery is much like a temple here on campus, in the sense that it is a quiet, peaceful place to ponder, feel the Spirit, receive personal inspiration, and escape the stresses of everyday life. Temples are also places of learning and the central purpose of Education in Zion is to inspire learning for the education of the entire soul.

I came away that evening with a new perspective and gratitude for this wonderful little “temple here on campus.”

Jalena Reschke, Gallery Educator