June, 20, 2012

New Student Orientation

Gallery Educators

This week at Education in Zion we are putting on a very special program for New Student Orientation. During this time, we as gallery educators get to dress up as an important historical people, and inspire the incoming students with their stories. I have the wonderful opportunity to play the young Lorenzo Snow.  Although I do not have the beard, I am dressed up in clothing to fit the time period, and armed with an arsenal of Lorenzo’s personal experiences. I get to pretend like I am legitimately him and speak first person.

Before Lorenzo found the church he actually had no interest in religion. In fact, he wanted to become a high ranking officer in the military. The only reason he found the church was because his sister Eliza R. Snow, invited him to come to Kirkland Ohio to learn Hebrew at the School of the Prophets. While he attended classes at the School of the Prophets he was converted while interacting with the prophet Joseph Smith. It is inspiring to me to know that President Snow was willing to sacrifice his worldly ambitions to do what the Lord wanted him to do.

It is incredible to me how much we can learn from the stories of those who came before us. They are not only spiritually strengthening, but also very motivational. This week I have realized that all of us have our own unique stories. I couldn’t help but think what stories a gallery educator would tell about me in the future. Those before us have passed on to us an amazing legacy. The question is, what will we do with this legacy?

Jacob Bromley, Gallery Educator