August, 2, 2012

The Power of One

Most of us are familiar with the Book of Mormon story about Abinadi. He preaches to the people of the wicked King Noah and gets kicked out, but the Lord tells him to return. He is taken prisoner and preaches to the King and his sinful priests.

Abinadi testifies with authority and calls the court to repentance. They try to bind him, but he says that he is not finished yet and he is protected.

One of the priests, Alma, listens, says they should let Abinadi go and is subsequently kicked out of the court and they send soldiers to kill him.

In all of Abinadi’s efforts in the court only one person listened. Only one person cared. Only one person changed.

However, that one convert, Alma, brought many to the gospel. His efforts combined with the efforts of a few others brought thousands to a knowledge of Christ.

During my mission and sometimes during tours and programs at Education in Zion I feel like no one is listening. During New Student Orientation it can be especially hard. It’s hot, or they’re hungry, they’re overwhelmed or excited by all the newness or attractive girls and boys around them.

But it is all worth it; if one person is helped by something we share, it is worth it. If we help to provide an answer to a question they have had, or give them what they need to be able to get an answer, it has been worth it. Over the many New Student Orientations I have done I have had a few kids approach me and share thoughts and insights with me. It makes it worth it.

Not exactly Abinadi, but it is a rewarding feeling to be a tool in the hands of God.