August, 20, 2012

The Vibrant Life of the Nauvoo Community

Courtesy of Education in Zion

As you walk around the south side of the gallery, you will notice a very large map. Stores, schoolhouses, shops, and a temple adorn the gridded streets. This community, built by the early Saints, created a safe haven and a place of growth. That is until the tragic death of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the eventual displacement of the Saints.

The map highlights some of the following information.

  • Nauvoo Temple:The Prophet Joseph Smith called all members to help in the construction of this temple with labor and tithing.

The Twelve wrote: “Many have volunteered to labor continually, and the brethren generally are giving one-tenth part of their time, or one-tenth part of their income, according to circumstances; while . . . sisters . . . are knitting socks and mittens, and preparing garments for the laborers, so that they may be made as comfortable as possible during the coming winter.”

  • Ancient Writings on Papyri: The papyri from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Abraham was kept in Lucy Mack Smith’s care. She allowed visitors to view them for 25 cents.
  • Relief Society: The picture of women sewing hints at how the Relief Society was organized. The sisters gathered to discuss how they could use their skill of needlework to help build Zion. They petitioned to organize a sewing organization. After Eliza Snow drafted the constitution and showed it to the Prophet Joseph, he told them the Lord “[had] something better for them,” and the women were organized under the pattern of the priesthood.
  • Dance slipper: While the Saints toiled in Nauvoo to build Zion, they also enjoyed an eventful social life. They often enjoyed music, dancing, and many celebrations.

Come discover the map for yourself and see some of the other items it features.



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