October, 11, 2012

A Wall for Inspiration, Exhibited but Often Unseen

Upon their first visit to Education in Zion, most people will notice the simple grandeur of the gallery. Upon closer observation, careful visitors will notice a simple wall of glass with quotes from various Church leaders about education and inspiration.

After pushing the “Start Here” button, visitors will see quotations from prophets, seers, and revelators of the Church of Latter-day Saints illuminate the dull glass panel while helping also to explain the mission of Brigham Young University.

A few of the quotes are as follows:

“The gift of the holy spirit quickens all the intellectual faculties.”

Parley P. Pratt

“When we encounter apparent conflict in your studies, it is because we see only a part of this great whole.”

Howard W. Hunter

“If we provide a spiritual foundation for our secular learning, we can gain a depth of understanding never before imagined possible.”

L. Tom Perry

These quotes reflect the legacy left by the forerunners of Brigham Young University and yet they are just as applicable to us today. In fact, the authors of these quotes made significant contributions with the education they acquired. For a view of the complete quotes, come to the Education in Zion gallery and discover them by the not-so-ordinary wall with the “Start” button.