October, 19, 2012

The Glorious Dream of Zion: A World Made More Heavenly by Education the Soul

The early Saints believed education to be one of the primary endeavors of life and eternity. It was also a key to their becoming a Zion people— a people whose faith in God would help them help each other to learn and grow together. Because of this deep and abiding faith in building the whole soul, the Saints, despite poverty and dislocations, founded schools, collected books, purchased presses, and built temples, the Holiest of Schools. By the diligence of these Saints their children and grandchildren gradually put in place a system of lifelong education accessible to every person, young or old.


Although the Saints as a group have often fallen short of the Zion ideal, what stands out historically is that they NEVER quit trying to make their life together a heaven on earth.The permanent exhibition at the Education in Zion Gallery  helps visitors see that we can move forward faithfully into the future when we understand our past. Our founding stories reveal the higher purposes for which our forebears strove and these stories help us know the path that we should follow. When we educate our soul and serve others, we can help to bring about Zion and make our world a more heavenly place.