October, 22, 2012

Science and Research at Education in Zion

The articles displayed in the The Healer’s Art relate to both educational research and anthropologic research. This anthropologic research includes families raising children with disabilities, pediatric nurses who work in end of life care, and baccalaureate students. I was struck by the fact that students are coauthors on all articles displayed, suggesting the college is committed to involving students in research.

Another display that caught my eye described projects related to people with diabetes. One area summarized students’ experiences of wearing an insulin pump for a week, which allowed them to gain a better understanding of what it is like for a person with diabetes who uses such a pump every day.

I was impressed with the examples of scientific research conducted by College of Nursing faculty and students currently exhibited in the Education in Zion gallery in the Joseph F. Smith building.

Visit The Healer’s Art, the current Education in Zion exhibition in the Joseph F. Smith Building. I know you will come away with a new understanding of how the College of Nursing uses science and research to educate students and provide care to individuals and families.