November, 15, 2012

Military Showcase

I am fortunate to be personally acquainted with Kent Blad, Pat Rushton, and Debra Wing, who are featured in the military showcase of the nursing exhibition. My friendship with them through daily workplace interactions includes an element of deep respect because of their military service. The character of each exemplifies America at its best, and I am honored to know them.

Nursing alumni, Jennifer McCleve, also featured in the showcase, kindly consented to a telephone interview several years ago, after she donated a flag flown over Kuwait to honor Brigham Young University. She graciously told me of her journey in the nursing profession and of her enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces and some of her experiences there. I enjoyed the photographs she provided and am delighted that others have the opportunity of seeing them at the exhibition.

It has been a pleasure through the years to feature students enrolled in the Global Health and Human Diversity course (veterans section) in the annual college magazine and the college website. Their comments about visiting Washington, D.C., and serving in the veterans community and veterans hospital are always inspiring. I have learned to appreciate our veterans even more through the eyes of the students and their instructors.

If you love patriotism and freedom, and the men and women who help keep us free, you will especially enjoy this segment of the exhibition.

 Rose Ann Jarrett, BYU College of Nursing