February, 4, 2013

Education for Eternity

One of the things I love most about Education in Zion is the quotes found throughout the gallery. To me, the quotes are more than just nice stories. Even though the people quoted may have lived a hundred years before us, we can learn from what they have said. I wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes and some of the meaning they have to me.

“Knowledge is not power unless sustained be character.”

Karl G. Maeser

I love this one because it changed my perspective on what my knowledge can be! It can change you and help you become your best self. Knowledge in spiritual and secular matters contribute to who we will become, yet it is our responsibility to do something with it.

 “I tell you, my young brothers and sisters, [once] you have been caught up in the spirit of Brigham Young University you will never be the same. . . . Each of you has a spark inside you which the Lord will someday kindle and make of you an instrument in His hands to bring the world not only sorely needed secular excellence of the University, but the spirit of the Church, the spirit of BYU, and the spirit of the gospel, which I testify to you to be one and the same.”

Albert Swensen, class of 1938

The Education in Zion Gallery focuses on an “Education for Eternity.” This quote helps to illustrate the role Heavenly Father plays in my education. BYU offers such a unique experience, and, knowing this, I am better able to take advantage of the opportunities it presents me.

Rebecca Soelberg, gallery educator