April, 10, 2013

Receiving liberating gifts of knowledge

From its founding days forward, the Church has worked to liberate God’s children from the thrall of ignorance.  Church leaders have sponsored the translation, printing and distribution of the scriptures and the teachings of the Latter-day prophets. With these resources, all who are willing and diligent, even those without formal education, can become free from ignorance and prepare to teach others.[1]

Brigham Young stated, “Remember, too, the great principle of improvement. Learn! Learn! Learn! Continue to learn, to study by observation and from good books! Listen to the instruction of your brethren who hold the holy priesthood, and they will lead you in the ways of happiness and of life eternal.”[2]

Many educators scoffed at Brigham Young’s plan to have his academy teach revealed doctrine alongside academic subjects.  The Church educational pioneers, however, did not reject science or scholarship, because they had faith in the ultimate harmony of all truth, whether discovered by science or revealed through prophets. As part of our eternal growth and progression we must each work out the synthesis of faith, virtue, and intellect within our own character.

[1] Gallery Text

[2] Brigham Young, July 24, 1877, Journal of Discourses (1854-86; lithographic reprint, Salt City: Deseret Book, 1974), 19:64