April, 18, 2013

The World is Now Our Campus

With graduation quickly approaching, I find myself reflecting on my undergraduate experience at Brigham Young University.  In just over two weeks, the BYU class of 2013 will begin a new phase of life, one that will be largely shaped by the lessons we have learned in college.

Brigham Young Academy began its first semester in 1876 with just under 30 students, and —although the student body from 2012-2013 is now more than 30,000 students—the purpose of the university remains the same.  The academy was designed to combine spiritual and secular education in a way that would strengthen students’ character. Today, the four aims state that a “BYU education should be: spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, character building and leading to lifelong learning and service.” [1]

During my time at this university, each of the four aims of a BYU education has played an integral role. First, my testimony of Jesus Christ and God the Father has been strengthened as I have learned to lean on and trust in their miraculous power. Further, I hold deep respect for the highly qualified professors who teach secular principles with a spiritually inspired mindset. Additionally, I have created amazing memories with wonderful friends while also maintaining my standards through the honor code. Lastly, the university’s emphasis on service encouraged me to serve at both a local nursing home and a school for children with autism.

Ultimately, I know that my life has been influenced for the better because of my opportunity to attend Brigham Young University. I will be forever grateful for the sacrifices of those throughout the university’s history who held onto the vision of this divinely inspired institution. Best wishes to the Brigham Young University Class of 2013 as they prepare for life outside of BYU, as truly the world is now our campus.

Melinda Clark, gallery educator

[1] “The Mission of Brigham Young University.” Mission and Aims of BYU.