November, 4, 2013

Brother Delbert Brigham Brown

Delbert Brown

Brother Brown was promised in his patriarchal blessing, “Thou wilt be blessed with wisdom and many will seek thee for counsel.” Throughout his career at BYU, which involved close associations with many student employees under his supervision, this blessing was realized.

A student custodian once brought Delbert a lost billfold that contained a risqué picture torn from a magazine. When the owner, a fifteen-year-old boy, came to the office to claim it, Delbert took out his own wallet and showed him photographs of his own family, saying, “They are pictures any man or boy would be glad to show to anybody.” Reminding the boy of how it would hurt his mother to learn what he had been carrying, Delbert counseled, “I want you to do away with those pictures and get your mother’s and sister’s pictures and put them in your billfold.” The boy promptly tore up the page and said tearfully, “Thanks, Mr. Brown. Nobody has ever talked to me like that before. I don’t think I’ll get into trouble now.”

Brother Brown’s love for the students of BYU was legendary. Perhaps the faculty and staff today are as motivated as he was by the Spirit of the Lord. Brother Brown said, “The sacrifice some of the students make to come to BYU sometimes makes me wonder if the spirit of those who founded doesn’t still remain with it.”