November, 13, 2013

Go Forth to Serve

As I walk through the rooms of the Education in Zion Gallery, one simple phrase seems to echo through them all: “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.” The gallery walls are full of Saints that were willing to sacrifice everything for the seemingly small privilege of being in a classroom. They were seeking Christ not only through faith but also though academics. The early Saints were pioneers geographically and intellectually.

BYA Graduates

As I ponder over the early Saints’ great examples, I wonder how I can do a similar work in my time. Why must I give seemingly needless things more attention than my own education? If I truly want to be an agent of change in the world, must I not first prepare myself with such useful tools?

Just like the efforts of the early Saints have transcended their eras to bless our lives today, I hope that my own actions will do the same for others. The student I am today will determine my capacity to serve in the future. Therefore, I must not succumb to the indifferent attitude that is often seen in society, but instead be actively involved in my education. I must learn today what I want to teach tomorrow. Then—and only then—will I be able to “go forth to serve.”