November, 25, 2013

Trials and Afflictions

Throughout our lives we face trials and complications. These trials define who we are and what we will become. Many of us fear affliction and shy away from the hardships of life, but we need these experiences to show that we have faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. B.H. Roberts said:

“Some of the lowliest walks in life, the paths which lead into the deepest valleys of sorrow and up to the most rugged steeps of adversity, are the ones which, if a man travel in, will best accomplish the object of his existence in this world. . . . The conditions which place men where they may always walk on the unbroken plain of prosperity and seek for nothing but their own pleasure, are not the best within the gift of God. For in such circumstances men soon drop into a position analogous to the stagnant pool; while those who have to contend with difficulties, brave dangers, endure disappointments, struggle with sorrows, eat the bread of adversity and drink the water of affliction, develop a moral and spiritual strength, together with a purity of life and character, unknown to the heirs of ease and wealth and pleasure. With the English bard, therefore, I believe: Sweet are the uses of adversity!” (B.H Roberts, Man’s Relationship to Deity, 289-290.) 

To me, these words embody the Education in Zion Gallery. It tells the story of the injured Saints, who—against all odds—overcame their afflictions and established Zion. For this reason I cherish the time I spend in the gallery. It teaches me to push on and work hard to fully grasp what I have been placed on this earth to accomplish.