December, 2, 2013

Line Upon Line

kirtland mural IMGP2167

The south wall of the Education in Zion Gallery bears an amazing 10 x18 foot mural of the Kirtland Temple. In the forefront of the mural is verdant farmland with a gently flowing river; behind the temple is a gigantic mid-western storm, which overwhelms the horizon. The overall feeling of the mural is one of perfect peace in the midst of an approaching tempest. The final light in the sky, shining on the temple, is symbolic of our Heavenly Father’s never-ending love and attentive concern for each of us. It also symbolizes that we may prepare ourselves to enter the temple to receive even more exact instruction for our particular circumstances—no matter how ominous those circumstances may be.

But there is more symbolism at work here that I only recently realized. Unlike the temples we build today, the Kirtland Temple had no baptismal font, nor alters for the sealing of husband and wife for eternity. The Kirtland Temple was built primarily for the restoration of Priesthood keys to the Prophet Joseph Smith. There could be no furthering of the work of the Kingdom of God on the earth until these keys were restored in their fullness. Moses, Elias, and Elijah all returned to this temple to restore their particular keys to Joseph. Even in temple work, the beginning of this last dispensation was taught to the Saints line upon line.