December, 5, 2013

Never Look Back

river crossing

The Education in Zion Gallery stimulates introspection about the quality of one’s testimony.  As you read the stories and see the pictures of these “beginner saints,” you come to realize that the word “quit” was not in their vocabularies. The Saints were intimately acquainted with the words they sang: “No toil, nor labor fear,”and “should we die before our journey’s through.”1 In those days, toil, labor, and early death were familiar to many who were trying to live the gospel with integrity; quitting never was familiar to them. They suffered grinding poverty, violent ejections from homes, and destruction of property vital to sustain life. I sometimes wonder if I would remain unflagging in my search for divine truth. If so, would I uphold my right and responsibility to live and share that truth? I hope so; I hope I would be able to say, with boldness, “yes!”

As a convert seeking deeper conversion, I admit that these thoughts “[let] the solemnities of eternity rest upon my mind.”2 My Church membership and calling have in no way taxed or endangered my livelihood as they did my forebears. That time may come, but so far my only trials have been those of belittlement from family, strangers, and even other Church members.  The comments made by those who are also in the, “household of God.”3 have been the hardest to bear, but no matter; the truth is what it is despite belittlement and insult. Perhaps that recognition kept the early Saints going too. Once we are blessed and enlightened by truth, there is no going back. I have never even wanted to, and, come what may, I never will.

1.       William Clayton, 1814-1879, Come, Come, Ye Saints, LDS Hymnal

2.       Doctrine and Covenants 43:34

3.       Ephesians 2:19, KJV