December, 5, 2013

To Those Who Made This Possible

The gallery is a place where students and friends can come to feel the influence of the Spirit of God. It features stories and images of our pioneer heritage that have touched my life and caused deep reflection. The lengths our forefathers went through to ensure their children could receive educations speaks volumes of the importance of learning and increasing in knowledge. Many of these were educated people; they were people who read books, attended the theater, and studied at school. Then, due to devastating persecution, they were stripped from their books, theaters, and schools. They missed it, and they wanted their progeny to be edified as they had been before all the tumult of harassment overwhelmed their lives.

FHE greats_blue_cropped copy

They came west and settled here in Utah. They scratched a meager living from a barren desert until they were able to make it blossom, and—all the while—they made the time to teach and learn. They opened schools, they started programs, and they worked incredibly hard to make sure they stayed educated when it would have been so easy to justify not doing so. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to benefit from the conventional Latter-day Saint view that education matters. I am thankful to be attending Brigham Young University, the center of the Church Education System. And I am thankful for the Education in Zion Gallery, which reminds me what my education has cost.