April, 4, 2014

Education in the Eyes of the Church

In the gallery we see the word “Zion” displayed on many of the walls. Zion is defined in D&C 97:21 as “the pure in heart.” This also represents progression. As we emulate our Heavenly Father, our hearts are purified and we become a more Zion-like people. One of the ways we can emulate our Heavenly Father is through education, and we obtain an education through hard work and the culmination of secular and spiritual knowledge. Such an education is available at institutions like BYU, BYU Hawaii, BYU Idaho, and even the LDS Seminary and Institute programs around the world. The seminary program icurrently operates in 143 countries, teaching over 375,000 students with 38,000 volunteer and full-time teachers. (1)

Go Forth to Serve

The prophet Brigham Young taught,  “Gather up all education and treasure it.” (2) This is because the glory of God is intelligence and encourages education at all levels.  When entering the BYU campus you pass the schools motto “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.” This represents what education is about and why it is important for the building up of Zion. Our Savior Jesus Christ taught that we need to learn so that we can bless the lives of others. This is how we progress and become closer to our Heavenly Father.

Education is at the heart of our existence. We need to learn as much as we can during this time to progress toward an education for the eternities, but this can only happen if we seek learning by study and by faith.