October, 6, 2014

Service and Sacrifice

As students we are often caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own work and fail to take the time to stop and thank or assist others. As we rush off to classes, many of us forget the thankless tasks that are performed each day to make our lives a little bit easier. We often pass by those mopping up spills or trimming bushes, and only stop to notice when the job is left undone.

There is much to learn from those who persist through their own trials and push forward to help others. One such example is Brigham Thomas Higgs.1 Mr. Higgs was the director of physical facilities and custodial work at the University and much of his works probably went unnoticed. Despite Mr. Higgs’s dire need for higher wages with his growing family, he continued to bring change to the school. The changes that took place helped students, whom he felt experienced greater challenges than his own. Mr. Higgs was the first to suggest student employment at BYU; his idea has wrought improvements in the lives of students for generations. Campus jobs relieve the stress of finding manageable work while in school.

Mr. Higgs is a great example of the counsel to “first observe and then serve,”2 as quoted from Relief Society General President Linda K. Burton., As he interacted with his student staff members, Mr. Higgs did not merely smile and send them on their way to fix their own problems, he went to them with solutions. In some cases, Mr. Higgs even brought groceries to the dormitories for needy students.

As we struggle through our classes we can learn from Mr. Higgs’s example. Despite ever increasing challenges, we can always find time to assist those seeking help.


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2: “First Observe, then Serve,” Linda K. Burton.