November, 25, 2014

Bodies Filled with Light Scriptural Reference Statistics

Bodies Filled with Light Exhibition

On November 5th, 2014, the Education in Zion Gallery opened a new exhibition titled Bodies Filled with Light. This exhibition includes professional drawings of the human body paired with scripture references to those anatomical parts. This exhibition is spiritually enlightening for everyone who connects to the exhibition and its life lessons. As I have worked on this exhibition, I have gained insight into the importance of my body and life as a whole.

My favorite portion of this exhibition outlines Christ’s life and his body throughout his days on earth, and how he used his body to minister to the world in different ways. I was fortunate to be able to help my supervisor run the statistical analysis for the scriptural corpus of all 9,123 references.

This analysis strengthened my own testimony. In configuring the data for the exhibition I focused on the references from the LDS standard works as well as those exclusively in the King James Version of the Bible.  Without the LDS scriptures, nearly a third of the references of the body were removed, but miraculously the ratios of references to each anatomical part stayed in close proximity to the original file with the LDS scripture references included. This increased my belief that the LDS works must be from our loving Heavenly Father, and not made up  in our corrupt world.

This project broadened my testimony that the scriptures were revealed to the world through God to Joseph Smith. Without those revelations, Joseph would not have been able to create such vast articles of truth. This exhibition means so much to those who spent time researching it. We can see how the work we have done will profoundly impact the lives of people who come visit the new exhibition.