November, 25, 2014

Building Another Zion

Go Forth to Serve

In the Book of Mormon we learn about groups of people who were able to trust in the Lord and share their God-given resources.  Joseph Smith and the early Saints learned many wonderful examples from the Book of Mormon to aid them in establishing a Zion community.

As time passed, Joseph received more revelations and translated more scripture.  In the inspired translation of the book of Genesis, the Saints learned about the City of Enoch, a group of people who had worked together to establish Zion.  The City of Enoch had no poor among them.

This story, like those in the Book of Mormon, inspired the Saints to strive to become a Zion-like community.  In nothing was this zeal seen more than in their desire to become educated.  On the south side of the gallery we learn about the different programs established by the Church from the beginning to help all the Saints get an education.  It is clear that Church leaders and Saints realized the importance of education.  They emphasized learning for all ages.  The leaders of the Church have maintained this same focus into the twenty-first century, and it is an integral part in our helping to build Zion today.