December, 3, 2014

Bodies Filled with Light: A New Exhibition

Education in Zion’s new anatomy exhibition, Bodies Filled with Light opened on November 5, 2014. This exhibit highlights the magnificence of the human body through anatomical illustrations paired with scriptures. As gallery educators researched the topic of the body, they discovered 9,123 verses in the LDS standard works that pertained to human anatomy. The exhibition utilizes some of these verses to convey the message that our bodies work in conjunction with our spirits.

The exhibition features original drawings from the 30th. American edition of Gray’s Anatomy to help visitors understand the magnificence of their own body. Our body performs marvelous feats each day without us taking a second thought. Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explains: “Spirit and body, when joined together, become a living soul of supernal worth. Indeed, we are children of God—physically and spiritually,” (Oct 1998).

Our bodies are an essential part of the plan of salvation, in fact it is one of the principal reasons for coming to this earth, so we could each gain our own body. As part of the plan of salvation we learn to improve ourselves and overcome carnal natural human to become men and women of God. Sister Susan W. Tanner explained “The Lord wants us to be made over—but in His image, not in the image of the world, by receiving His image in our countenances,” (Oct 2005). As children of God, Elder Nelson reminds us that “Our potential is unlimited,” (Oct 1998).

We encourage patrons to come and learn about their own bodies so they too can gain a greater appreciation of God’s marvelous creation.


We are Children of God (Oct 1998 General Conference)

Susan W. Tanner, “The Sanctity of the Body”