December, 3, 2014

Education in Zion: A Hidden Gem


During the semester there are definitely times when I feel as though I am slogging through mental and emotional trials that can be likened to the Saints’ difficult experiences in Missouri. Some of the class material makes absolutely no sense on my first study of it! Am I really supposed to be doing this for how many more semesters? I am a person who loves learning and school, but I certainly feel bogged down and overwhelmed at times.

There is a hidden place on campus that feels like Nauvoo, where the Saints found peace and rest, not just mentally and emotionally, but spiritually as well. The Education in Zion Gallery is this hidden gem. Here you can sense a quiet devotion to education for the whole soul. It is a wonderful space that helps to restore the balance that we can so easily lose between research papers, group projects, and exams. The Saints were devoted to education, because of their knowledge of the gospel. Their struggles through mud, mobs, and misery puts perspective on the work to which we as Saints now are committed.

This work of obtaining knowledge is just that, work. This is our career for now. It will not always be so, though life-long learning is essential not just for our temporal needs, but for our insatiable desire as children of God to know what there is to know! Peace and rest from temporal concerns is absolutely essential for the eternal man. I invite you to come to the Education in Zion Gallery in the JFSB to feel restored once more to our eternal nature.