September, 24, 2015

He Will Help

By Anna Romney

Joseph Smith

The first couple weeks of school have been difficult to say the least. I’ve never done well with change, so beginnings of semesters have always been hard. Adding a new job, wedding planning, and everything else on top of adjusting to the new semester means I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt so unequal to what was expected of me. I’ve always had a knowledge (and more often than not, faith) that God is looking out for us and will help us through our trials, but those first few weeks were making that knowledge difficult to maintain. Sure, He could help me, but would He? Would He really help me to be more than I am?

One of the people we spotlight in the Education in Zion Gallery is the Prophet Joseph Smith. At the age of fourteen, when visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ, he had only obtained the equivalent of a third grade education. With that, he was trusted to restore the true and everlasting gospel to the earth! Through his personal study, experiences, and visitations from angels, God prepared and qualified Joseph for the work He’d given him. He helped him to be greater than he would have ever been through his own means. Discovering this gave me greater hope. If God can help an uneducated young man bring about the restored gospel of His Beloved Son, He can most certainly help me.