October, 14, 2015

A Loving Mentor: Delbert Brigham Brown

By Chris Kinghorn

Delbert Brown

Delbert Brigham Brown grew up in Mexico as a rancher and a farmer, but in his adult years he moved his family to Provo, Utah, so his children could attend BYU. There, Brother Brown’s loving personality inspired and influenced the students and faculty. His wife, Irene, said, “Somehow his kind, understanding heart and great love of the students drew them to him.” It is this attribute of loving mentorship that I want to highlight through the experiences of Delbert Brigham Brown.

Delbert Brigham Brown showed his exceptional mentorship abilities when he showed the students how much he cared about them. A story is told of a student with cigarettes in her purse. Without judging or criticizing her, Brother Brown viewed her divine potential and in a loving way inspired her to be better. He gave her a new perspective and it obviously impacted her because three years later she returned to tell him that she had turned her life around. Another student had an inappropriate picture in his wallet, but because of the loving, corrective guidance given by Brother Brown this young man was decided to make a change in his life.

The last experience I want to relate shows how Brother Brown’s loving reputation allowed students to trust him. This made him very approachable. A student from another country was short ten dollars on tuition. He had nobody to turn to but Brother Brown, whom he felt he had a friendship with. What an awesome experience and a wonder example of loving mentorship by a man quoted as saying, “All students at BYU are my friends.”

Let us remember to show love to the people around us so that we may develop trust and be an influence for good in the world.

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