December, 9, 2015

The Light of Education


By Myunghee Tuttle

One of my favorite things about the Education in Zion gallery are the windows on the East side. Through the windows, you can see the beautiful mountains that change colors according to the different seasons, the blue sky with white fluffy clouds, and the view of the lively campus. The Education in Zion gallery provides one of the most outstanding views of the campus. Aside from these beautiful sights, my other favorite part of the windows is the natural light that comes through them.

With the light coming through the windows, everything inside the gallery looks more beautiful. Everything is brighter and more refreshing. Just as the gallery is more beautiful and brighter with light, so can our lives be more beautiful and brighter with light. In the gospel, light represents truth, knowledge, and Jesus Christ. Our lives can be more beautiful and brighter with more truth, knowledge, and more faith in Jesus Christ.

We can obtain more light in our lives through education. The permanent exhibition “examines the importance of educating the whole soul.” In the gallery, we learn about finding truth, knowledge, and faith in Jesus Christ through our education. The windows and the light remind us of this important lesson. When we find light through our education, our lives can be more beautiful and bright.

When you come to the Education in Zion Gallery, take a moment in front of the windows to ask yourself these questions: Have you found light in your education? Through your education, have you found truth, knowledge, and faith in Jesus Christ? Does your life feel more beautiful and brighter because of your education? When you do this, you may feel that the light in your education has made your life more beautiful and brighter, just as the gallery has been with light.