January, 22, 2016

Home Evening in the Gallery


By Annilyn Spjut

On the Church website, it says that the purpose of Family Home Evening is to help us learn, grow in faith, and strengthen our relationships with each other.[1] While my family’s Family Home Evenings weren’t always perfect growing up, they always strove to accomplish those purposes. I loved FHE growing up and was excited to be able to continue going to FHE when I got to BYU. However, I was disappointed when I discovered that too often the only goal of single ward FHE was pure entertainment. Granted flirting at FHE can fulfill the strengthening relationship purpose, but too often I came home from FHE uninspired.

About a year ago, I started working at the Education in Zion Gallery, and I was assigned to work Monday nights, helping with our FHE programs. This experience has rekindled my love and testimony of Family Home Evening. I love to see how different groups come together each Monday night to learn, play, and be uplifted. While most are attracted by the refreshments, I know they leave with much more. As we’ve learned about the stories behind popular Church hymns and sang together, I have felt the Spirit. I have been inspired by the insights shared as we have talked about the magnificent gift of the human body. I laughed hard at skits portraying dating at various points in the history of BYU. In the gallery, I have seen how Family Home Evening can help us have fun together, grow closer together, and be inspired, and I hope to apply what I have learned in my own family someday.

[1] “100 Years of Family Home Evening.” Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Oct. 2015. Web. 19 Jan. 2016.