February, 3, 2016

Where Spirit and Intellect Meet

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By Chris Kinghorn

During my Book of Mormon class I was very impressed by the way in which my teacher analyzed The Book of Mormon from an intellectual perspective.  What impressed me even more was that I was able to use those new intellectual insights to strengthen my spiritual understanding.  One of the gallery’s main themes is combining the sacred and the secular, coupled with the influence of the Holy Spirit, in the quest for greater intellectual and spiritual understanding.

In the gallery we have a video clip featuring Matthew Holland, the current President of Utah Valley University.  He talks about the joy that he experienced as a political science professor at BYU when his students were able to use their intellect to grasp spiritual concepts.  He found great joy in watching his students progress along the pathway of deeper spiritual and intellectual understanding. Prof. Holland said, “The pursuit of the Gospel in an intelligent way strengthens people’s testimonies that they come away realizing just how profound the gospel really is.”[1]

Let us all embrace our intellectual pursuits as we pursue our goals of lifelong learning, and also for progression in our spiritual and gospel understanding.  How wonderful it is that God is the source of all truth.  The gallery reminds us of these wonderful truths, and let us always remember, “to be learned is good if . . . [We] . . . hearken unto the counsels of God.”[2]

[1] Video Matthew Holland EIZ content

[2] 2 Nephi 9:29