March, 4, 2016

Worthy Offerings Unto the Lord

slc temple

By Victoria Crockett

     Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Singing has played exactly this role in my life. When I sing, it’s like I’m pouring out my soul through song. Performing has always been an important part of my life. However, once I came to college, I decided to set aside my silly dreams and pursue something more “worth-while” and “realistic.” After a few months I recognized a hole that hadn’t been there before. I knew it was because I missed the music that made my life so colorful and animated.

In the Education in Zion Gallery there is an intense focus on the education of the whole soul. One part of the gallery centers on the early Saints once they reached the Great Basin. Although they began with nothing, they soon expanded their system of education for the children. Brigham Young even encouraged the adults to continue improving upon their intellect and talents. Young recognized the value of gifted musicians, actors, artists, and authors. When these people devoted their talents to the kingdom, the cultural life of the community blossomed. During the construction of the Salt Lake City temple, Young realized that they would need studied artists so the temple murals would be worthy offerings to the Lord. The Churchdecided to send several promising painters to study in Paris. Once they returned, they applied their knowledge to beautify the Lord’s house. Little did they know that their talents would become an unforgettable and lovely blessing to millions of Saints.

This story touched my heart. I reflected upon the simple, eternal truth of talents. The Lord has bestowed upon each of us certain gifts, not only to bring us joy, but to bless and build up His kingdom. I felt silly thinking that pursuing my love of music was set aside so quickly. I decided to warm up my vocal chords and start participating more in ward choir, volunteering to lead music, and joining simple choruses on campus. I’ve seen more color come back into my life. I have found myself drawing closer to my Heavenly Father as I take the time to use what He has blessed me with to bless His children. I hope we can all appreciate the value of our talents and bless those around us with the gifts the Lord has given us.